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Established in 2013, Unknown Prophet Pictures is the collaborative efforts of C.S. Rivas and Brian Bingham. With Colin's film background and Brian's music/audio recording background, they specialize in live music sessions but also create official music videos, live music capture, shorts, and feature films.

C.S. Rivas


Cinematographer, Writer, Director, Producer.

Brian Bingham

Vice President

Director, Editor, Writer, Producer.


UPPictures @UPPictures
Unknown Prophet Pics  @UPPictures
@SmithsTix Your service sucks. You force me into flash seats or pay more outrageous fees. Your fees are criminal. 
Unknown Prophet Pics  @UPPictures
@stephenasmith @KDTrey5 @FirstTake Smith, you should move in with Bayless. You can both run your mouth about sports neither of you can play. 
Unknown Prophet Pics  @UPPictures
"Love Interruption" (cover) - Brian Bingham & Siena Wanlass - The Pierpo...: http://t.co/biaQNGknDH via @youtube 

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